24_07_14 Castellon ceramic tiles in international construction projects
The ceramic tile companies in Castellón earn positions in the global market, several of them have taken their product to different cities around the world participating in ambitious projects. The union between modernity, quality and tradition has made the product of the province be part of exclusive restaurants and hotels or Berlin subway, among other projects; working with renowned architects and interior designers. 
One example is the Vives Ceramica company, their ceramic-wood floor tiles have been used in the interiors of restaurants like the Churrasco's in Houston (Texas) , as well as their vintage inspiration floor tiles in Ask Italian restaurants in the UK. Keraben Group, which also participated in major projects in Spain, has exported its products to other countries,  and its materials are part of many hotels and other facilities, such as the Slovakia Hilton Hotel or a shopping mall in Singapore. 
In recent months the well known design study Landa Architects trusted the company Matimex to cover part of the outer floor of a Mexican luxury residential complex. The last big project carried out by an enterprise of Castellón is the subway in Berlin, where Ceracasa installed Emotile tiles forming spectacular ceramic tile murals along all Berlin subway tunnels.
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