22_01_14 Ultraviolet, Dune Ceramica January trend.

Dune loves design, WE ARE DECORATION, which is why they collect the novelties trends, and follow and interpret them, trends in both fashion and decoration. An intensive analysis of the catwalks around the world and a deep study of the most innovative decoration fairs are the result of DUNE 2014 Collection. A current collection over the next twelve months has born fruit of research and development: colors and styles.


2-Fifty Shades of Grey

3-The Midas touch


5-Oriental View


These are the six indisputed trends of 2014. The first, ULTRAVIOLET, unquestionably color trend in fashion catwalks and home fairs. Among its shades Rhapsody highlights, the new and bright violet emanating calm and wellbeing: a color that they wanted to capture in their ESSENCE decorative piece, the COSMOPOLITAN PURPLE wall tile and the MOMA PURPLE floor tile.

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