17_01_14 Cifre Ceramica presents ceramics against cold

We often hear those people who say: “I’m going for a wooden floor at home because it is warmer than ceramic tiles”. At Cifre Cerámica, maybe because they like ceramic tiles above all, do not agree at all. Ceramic tiles, especially thanks to the new natural textures that it reproduces, can create an equally warm and cozy atmosphere. Besides, it is the perfect material for its high resistance to cold and heat.

The ceramic tiles that reproduce wooden textures is one of the best ways of creating warm interiors.

There are fewer materials as warm as painted wall papers. The ceramic tiles of our “Passione” collection turn into a paper-covered wall to create this cozy bathroom.

Ceramics and wood get together in this setting from the Marat collection, where both materials and color shade create warmth.

More info: www.inspirebycifre.com