17_06_13 Presentation of QUALICER 2014 International Technical Committee

The Castellón Chamber of Commerce and the College of Industrial Engineers, QUALICER organisers, officially presented the members of the International Technical Committee charged with studying the submitted summaries and evaluating their inclusion in the technical programme of the Congress.

More than 100 summaries of oral presentations and posters have been received to date, which, after evaluation and acceptance by the Technical Committee, will become part of the definitive Congress programme.

The presentation’s event took place on 12th June at the College of Industrial Engineers of Castellón (Spain) and was attended by QUALICER sponsors, collaborating organisations, the mass media, and professionals from the ceramic sector.

The presentation of the roll of experts on the International Technical Committee heralded the start of the lead-up to the 13th QUALICER Congress, which is expected to draw over 500 delegates from all over the world.

The QUALICER International Technical Committee, chaired by Juan Vicente Bono from Castellón, is made up of leading, representative names from the international ceramic industry and related sectors (machinery, glazes and frits), technology institutes, as well as from the academic world.

The Technical Committee members shall decide on what is suitable and what is not, whether the proposed oral presentation or poster meets the novelty and quality standards required at QUALICER. This committee provides QUALICER with a stamp of excellence, rigor, professionalism, and impartiality. The Technical Committee is international (experts come from Spain, the U.S.A., Canada, Italy, Australia, and Brazil) and multidisciplinary.

In the next few weeks, the 55 members of the Technical Committee will be addressing the task of reading and evaluating the over 100 summaries (112 to date) submitted from countries such as Brazil, India, Syria, and the United Kingdom.

Those wishing to participate as speakers at QUALICER 2014 have until 27 September 2013 to submit their communication.

More info: www.qualicer.org

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