12_06_13 ROOFECO SYSTEMS presents its innovative roof covering system with plastic roof tiles.

Roofeco Systems manufactures in Castellón province a new system for roof covering with plastic tiles.

Roofeco Smart System roof is 100% PVC free and has been carefully developed to overcome the traditional clay roof tiles. Its color and surface remain inalterable over the course of time, it has a higher thermal range and an attractive finish… and most importantly: it is 100% recyclable and, unlike PVC, it doesn´t pollute the environment.

The material Roofeco tiles are made of is a formulation of composed polymers with nano mineral particles that transform the original properties of such polymers, increasing its thermo-acoustic isolation capacity and its lifespan. Roofeco roof tiles are unbreakable and impermeable.

It is a light and easy-installation roofing system, allowing the pieces to be manipulated by a single person and savings of up to 70% of the installation time.

Its patented anchoring system gives a perfect finish result; Roofeco Smart System plastic tiles do not require exposed screws. In addition to provide impeccable esthetics, it is also a filtration free roof, which does not require any maintenance and adapts perfectly to the temperature changes, from extreme hot to cold.

More info: http://www.roofecosystem.com/

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