16_05_13 Vives Ceramica certifies its products with the UPEC seal

Vives Ceramica has been awarded the UPEC seal for the collections CIVIC, RUHR, VENDOME, OREGON, ANCILES, BOSFORO, MONTECARLO, LERSUNDI by the Centre Scientifique et Technique du Bâtiment. This certificate guarantees that the product fulfils the market needs and the security and quality requirements according to this certification. 

The different figures referred to in UPEC show the different values of resistance. 

U: Wear and tear due to walking

P: Crushing due to furniture or other fixed or mobile objects

E: The tiles’ behaviour when affected by water

C: Resistance to the most common chemical agents 

With this certificate proving that our tile ranges are of the highest standards, Vives reaffirms itself when it comes to quality and design within the international market. 

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