17_04_13 Agua de Benassal participates in the 18th Conference of the Spanish society of hypertension

Agua de Benassal (Benassal water) was invited as a collaborating entity to the 18th National Meeting of the Spanish society of Hypertension – Spanish League for the Fight against High Blood Pressure / arterial hypertension (SEH-LELHA).

The meeting took place at Valencia Conference Hall from March 6 to 8; the scientific program was addressed to all healthcare professionals involved in the care of cardiovascular risk, bringing together the best specialists in the national sphere as speakers, moderators and participants.

Within the program it is necessary to highlight the seminars and training courses aimed at the collective of community pharmacists, nursing (EHRICA) and researchers in vascular physiopathology (RIFV).

Agua de Benassal wanted to show its support for these groups of vital importance for the society and to inform all healthcare professionals about the fact that its usual consumption may have beneficial effects for the health due to their chemical composition. It’s a water with low mineralization with many diuretic properties that benefit people with high blood pressure, heart problems and kidney disease.

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Source: http://www.seh-lelha.org