11_03_13 Ecoclay, natural organic covering for walls

Clay has been used to build spaces for more than 9.000 years. Nowadays this ancient material is getting its entire lost splendor back due to its countless benefits for our health and the comfort it provides. It is also one of the main materials used in ecological construction. Clay is one hundred per cent organic and can regulate humidity, increase energy saving due to its high thermal lag, improve odor absorption and be an efficient sound-proof.

Ecoclay is an innovative covering for walls which uses natural clays without additives as its base. The clays are obtained from a site in Teruel and are currently being used in bioconstruction because of its nameless technical and decorative qualities. ecoclay clay plaster can be used to obtain insulating effects or endless decorative possibilities that stand out for its originality. This versatility allows them to be present in diverse environments such as country houses, straw huts, aristocratic mansions or urban lofts.

Ecoclay coverings are just perfect to isolate sensitive locations such as health centers, hospitals or schools due to the enormous benefits clay brings to any health environment. In addition, thanks to the clay being noise absorbent, it is the ideal solution in saturated acoustic zones. Clay naturally regulates relative humidity indoors.

More info: www.ecoclay.es